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“Bacon Power” hat

November 30th, 2009

bacon-power-hatHey guys, here’s something everyone might enjoy – a bacon power hat!

Imagine: now you can walk around all day looking stylish and important, while also letting everyone know to beware the power of bacon.  The irresistible crispy, crunchy draw is too tempting for most.

If you like the bacon power at, you can buy it here.

Bacon in Real Life

November 24th, 2009
The old standard

The old standard

It’s been several years since the internet first saw the old “Push Button, Receive Bacon” joke, poking fun at the quirky art style employed by the manufacturers of those hand-drying blower machines.  Since then, the symbolic bacon around is in every day life has become more noticeable.

Basically anything involving squiggly lines, red colors, or a wavy shape can be interpreted as bacon, and this is a good thing.  People need to know Bacon is around them at all times.  It is encouraging to us, it makes us feel good about ourselves, and it makes us feel like we are never too far from that next slice of salty, fried pork flavor.


Bacon - slippery when wet

See if you can find bacon in every day life.  Not pieces of actual bacon, mind you, but symbolic bacon.  Here’s a great example of some bacon-interpreted art.  “Hold up there, son! Don’t slip on the bacon!”

Candied Bacon Ice Cream

November 23rd, 2009

BaconIceCreamSugar, dairy, and prok.  As demonstrated by a guy named David Lebovitz, Bacon ice cream isn’t such a strange idea.  He’s developed a salty, savory, recipe for candied bacon ice cream and it looks like heaven on a plate.

We like the idea of combining Bacon with traditional desserts.  Bacon has long been confined to the realm of breakfast foods and burger toppings, when it deserves recognition across all areas of culinary classification.

After all, not everyone wants to be stuck with the same, bland mint chocolate chip ice cream every night for dessert, or boring old yellow cake with chocolate frosting on their birthdays.  Spice it all up.  Throw in some bacon.

Bacon Air Freshener

November 20th, 2009

bacon-afAnother day, another way to enjoy tasty BACON!

Tired of sitting around smelling your old laundry?  Your dog?  Your room mates overcooked cheesy pita that smells like burning death?  How about smelling some sizzling bacon instead?

Just crack open one of these awesome bacon air fresheners and you can enjoy the greasy, delicious smell of taste-bud tempting bacon for weeks!  The best part is, they’re cheap, so you can stock up and never have to smell anything except bacon again.

And, as we all know, that’s pretty much every humans wildest dream come true.

Bacon Dental Floss

November 18th, 2009

bacon-flossDo you like having clean teeth?  Do you like stellar reports from the dentist trip after trip?  DO you like tasting crispy, delicious BACON?

Now you can do all three at once!

Introducing BACON flavored dental floss.  This standard, waxed floss comes with a special flavor coating of tasty, crispy bacon.  27.3 yards per container.  Endless flavor.

Check it out, and even purchase some here.

Bacon Band-aids

November 16th, 2009

bacon-band-aidsWe [bacon enthusiasts] all knew it was possible, and now someone has finally proven the hypothesis: Bacon heals.

Some genius out there has finally developed bacon band-aids.  It has been a long-time tradition to use raw meat to heal facial wounds (think Andy Griffith), so it was only a matter of time before someone came up with the bacon-aid.  I can honestly say that knowing I can look down at any moment and see a perfectly-marbled piece of sliced pork eye-candy would ease the pain of just about any wound nature can throw at me.

Heal yourself, improve your smell, and when your wound is all patched up, treat yourself to a tasty, meaty treat.

Mmmmm… Bacon-aid!

Bacon Cookies!

November 13th, 2009

Cookies with chocalte chips and bacon chips

Everything is better with bacon.


Everything.  There are no exceptions to this rule.  Meats are better with bacon.  Veggies are better with bacon.  Cereal is better with bacon, and yes, COOKIES are better WITH BACON!

Here’s a tantalizing treat you can tempt your family and friends with this Holiday season – Chocolate Chip Bacon Cookies.  Savory chocolate chips, crunchy cookie dough, and hearty, thick-sliced bacon pieces.  Here’s the recipe:

  • 2 1/4 cups all-purpose flour
  • 1 teaspoon baking soda
  • 1 teaspoon salt
  • 1 cup (2 sticks) butter, softened
  • 3/4 cup granulated sugar
  • 3/4 cup packed brown sugar
  • 1 teaspoon vanilla extract
  • 2 large eggs
  • 2 cups (12-oz. pkg.) of chocolate chips
  • 1/2 pound of bacon

Mix flour, baking soda and salt in small bowl. Beat butter, granulated sugar, brown sugar and vanilla extract in large mixer bowl until creamy. Add eggs, one at a time, beating well after each addition. Gradually beat in flour mixture. Stir in morsels. Cook bacon in pan or microwave until desired crispness.  Crumble into dough and spoon dough onto baking sheet in small blobs.

Bake 9 – 12 minutes at 375.


November 12th, 2009
Turkey, Duck, Chicken, and BACON!

Turkey, Duck, Chicken, and BACON!

Unless you’ve been living under a vegan rock for the last 10 Thanksgiving seasons, you’ve heard of turducken.  This delicious meat meadly combines three of the most fantastically tasty fowl into one gigantic dose of protine, grease, and flavor.

Nonetheless, someone up north came up with the best thanksgiving idea since turkey – the Turbaconducken.  All the gloriousness of a standard turducken, with the added bonus of including the best meat of all – BACON!

Be a blessing to your family this Thanksgiving.  Make them a Turbaconducken.

iPhone Bacon Case

November 12th, 2009
bacon iphone case

bacon iphone case

So, let’s be realistic here… if you think of yourself as tech-savvy, popular, important, fun-loving, or human, chances are you have an iPhone.  Now, this is not necessarily to say that the iPhone is great, or even good, but it’s definitely not an arguable point that the iphone is popular.

One of the main problems with these modern smartphones is protecting the screen – and the iPhone is no exception.  With it’s large sensitive touch-screen, the iPhone is exceptionally vulnerable to being damaged by keys or other objects in your pocket, or by being dropped.  Seeing the obvious need, many companies jumped in and began producing protective cases for smartphones.  You can get cases that look like all sorts of things, including Hello Kitty or Barak Obama, but one stands above the rest – the Bacon Case.

Yep, that’s right – there’s a bacon-themed iPhone case, and we love it.  What better way can you show your love for bacon while toting around your favorite piece of technology?  And who would disagree that a salty, hickory-smoked flavor makes even the greatest iPhone app more enjoyable?  Certainly not us!

Are you reading this on an iPhone?  Do you have a bacon case for you iPhone?  If either are true, leave us a comment!

Bacon Briefcase

November 10th, 2009

bacon-briefcaseTired of carry that same old boring leather briefcase to meetings?  Do you wish you could carry something a little bit… fresh-er?  Cutting-edge?  Raw?  Well, now you can!

Enter the Bacon Briefcase!  Made from two solid slabs of premium-cut bacon, this case is guaranteed to turn heads and spark conversation.  It protects your documents, boosts your ego, and overwhelms the carrier with a sense of superiority.

Yes, you will certainly be unique when carrying this beauty.  With it’s defined marbling patterns and suede leather handle, you’ll be the envy of executives everywhere.  They’ll marvel at your style, your poise, and your confidence.

meat-purseLadies, don’t worry, you haven’t been totally left out of this either.  While there is currently no exclusive Bacon solution for your transportation and storage needs, a nice alternative is this item featured here: The Meat Purse.

Sure, it might not be bacon, but meat purse is comprised entirely of top-quality lean ground beef.  Meat purse will keep your valuables secure, your outfit stylish and fresh, and your side gently chilled.

It should be noted that Bacon Fort does not recommend carrying the Bacon Briefcase or Meat Purse in close proximity to any carnivorous animal and strongly cautions against utilizing either on any beach or other area populated heavily with Seagulls.